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Our New Shed

The Shed as it Was
Fixing the Gutter
Wood Anybody?
Creating the Internal Door
Clearing the LH Shed
Clearing the RH Shed
Tea Break Time
Finished Shed

Looking for a new home, we were very fortunate to receive an offer for the use of an old twin stable located behind Cromwells Coffee house.

The stable had been used for storage but had been empty for some time.


Structurally sound, all that was required was a bit of cleaning and TLC plus new locks and the creation of an internal door between the two units, a simple job for Shedders.

Fortunately,  with a retired electrician on the team, the shed was soon wired up.  We had the offer of a large second hand bench which we collected and a further two benches were made on site. 




Very soon the shed was fully kitted out and somewhere we could call our home!

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