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Sand Pit (closed)
Sand Pit (slid open)
Sand Pit (Full with sand!)

Our commission for a new sandpit at the Acorn Nursery was installed today.


Many thanks to David H for his unique sliding top design and all those who were involved in its creation.


The School team are delighted with it.


Rocking Horse

We were asked to refurbish a rocking horse that  was a family heirloom.  It had many years of  use and was now wobbly and unsafe to use.

We cleaned it and made it secure.

New handles were made and the the old lead based paint removed.

It was then repainted with a child friendly water based paint.

All ready for riding by the next generation!


Rowleys Sign
Rowleys Sign

A local organisation asked us if we could install some signs in their car park.

No problem to a couple of 'shedders' !


Sizing up new edging
New edging added
Replacing marquetry
Antique Table Finished

We were asked if we could renovate an antique pedestal table in a bad state of repair, but keeping it in character.

One of our more skilled members made a new edging piece, replaced the damaged and missing veneer, treated the woodworm then cleaned and French polished the completed table.


Giant Storage Box

We were asked by Wonersh & Shamley Green Primary School to make four large boxes with soft closed lids to house their PE equipment.

The boxes were made and delivered to site. The children were delighted with their new boxes with easy to lift lids and soft closures to ensure no little hands get trapped.

Thank You!
Thank You!


Gin Bar under construction
Finished Gin Bar

We were asked to make a patio Gin Bar as a Christmas present for a daughter. 

​It was duly delivered and received with delight.

Apparently the recipient has a few friends who have expressed an interest in it, so watch this space!

​It was made completely from re-claimed timber and as such was unique as would be any future commissions.

The finished product is ideal for the summer BBQ on the patio!

Finished Gin Bar
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