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Cranleigh Men's Shed are proud to be associated with Knowle Park Trust and work closely with the Park Manager, members of the trust and volunteers.

Knowle Park


Stork Nest

There are plans to try and encourage White Storks to frequent and hopefully nest in the park.

We were asked of we could build a nest to help encourage them. After a little bit of research a nest was constructed using chestnut for the base with chestnut staves and a woven perimeter using willow. The nest has a diameter of 1200mm and is a considerable weight.  Plans are to install the nest on top of one of the now redundant power line poles.  Network power have offered to install the nest when they can.

MOOH! Ice Cream

Owners of the Moooh! Ice cream company were keen to have some unique signage on the side of their kiosk. Rising to the challenge, individual letters were cut out on the bandsaw and duly installed. Two more sets have been produced which will be displayed inside the kiosk.


Kestrel Box

Kestrels are a frequent sight at Knowle Park and so a strategically placed nesting box will be installed by Network Power in due course


Living lid planted
Living lid plate

The Park has 17 waste bins placed throughout the park. The bins had slatted tops which let in a good deal of water when it rained and the resultant waste was difficult to handle. We were asked to make living lids for the boxes that will serve to create another planting opportunity for the park as well as stopping the rain from filling the bins.


Bat Box

Five “Kent” bat boxes have been made for the park based on a design recommended by the RSPB.

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