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Wendy House


At a friend's birthday party, one of our Members noted that their wendy house was on the point of collapse. 

The building was originally constructed from a kit in the mid 1990s and screened behind a tarpaulin to be a surprise for the five year old daughter.  When finished, the daughter and friends played in it for many years. 

wendy finished.jpg

Weathering of the fixings and high winds caused the structure to move, and the building rapidly deteriorated to the point where only the open door jammed against the veranda floor was preventing total collapse.  

With the original proud owner now expecting her own first child, it needed saving for the next generation..


Two of the Cranleigh Men’s Shed team jacked the building back upright and temporarily secured it in this position with angled fencepost props on all the corners to prevent further wind damage. 


Internal diagonal bracing was then fitted to transfer the wind pressure on the walls to the base and keep all the panels square, and the two roof slopes were fixed together, these aspects being shortcomings with the original design. The fencepost props could then be removed.

This took the wendy house off the “Buildings at Risk Register!"


Further enhancements were now being considered ready for the new owner!

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